Words from our President

Wachay uk to all ONECA Members! This is our first BLOG and I have been given the task to be the first blogger…sheesh!

To start, I would like to share a story. A young man started high school and signed up for the basketball tryouts as he was a member of his elementary school basketball and volleyball teams. Practices were held for 10 days beginning at 7am. This young man woke himself up at 6am, had breakfast, made his lunch and walked the 15 minute distance to the high school for tryouts. On the 10th day, the father heard him come in the door and approached him how his day went at school. The son said, “I didn’t make the Basketball Team.” The father said nothing, but was hurt inside. Especially hurt due to the fact that there was no return in the responsibility that his son took upon himself for the last 10 days. A while later, the son said he would try for the high school volleyball team. Again, he woke himself up, made his breakfast, made his lunch and off to the early morning tryouts. On the 5th day, the father watched his son through the kitchen window walking toward home. As the son entered, the father asked, “well, did you make the team?” The son answered, “No dad, I didn’t.” The father was very sorry for his son, especially with all the hard work and responsibility that he displayed. The father replied, “I am sorry to hear that son. How are you feeling about it?” The son replied, “Dad, it’s okay. I am glad I went to the tryouts for both teams because I have made many friends and I had a lot of fun.” The father was surprised to hear his son’s response and replied, “Wow, I am very proud of your attitude toward this and you are a very humble young man.” True story of my son Keewin.

A new academic year is upon us and I hope that all members have had an awesome summer.As for me, it was not the summer/holidays I wanted. However, I did spend 15 days with my mom at Kingston General Hospital and despite the circumstances, the time spent with her was very precious. We are closing in on the 30th Annual ONECA Conference in May 2014 and Brantford District has the honorary task of providing us with an AWESOME set up. As many of you are aware, our Membership is slightly down with just over 200 members. I encourage all to speak with their colleagues and get them on board to the ONECA Membership list.

The First Nation Education Law Initiative is coming along very well. Our consultant, Diane Longboat has been working diligently in researching, compiling and presenting drafts to the ONECA steering committee…so far, kudos on the work submitted by Diane.

So, this is my tidbit…. wishing all the best and remember, with numbers, our voice will be stronger so, get your colleagues on board!

Roger Chum