What’s New in Phase III of Transitions?

Phase III of the Transitions Project is up and running. For this phase we are focusing on the transition from secondary to post-secondary education and training. This can be an overwhelming transition for many students. We want to help make this transition smooth by providing ideas and resources to the student’s network of contacts and support. We are developing easy to use materials that can be distributed to students and parents/guardians to help them through this challenging time.

Some of the topics for this phase include budgeting, coping with stress with traditional methods and personal safety. We would love to hear your ideas and opinions! Are there any topics that you feel you need resources
for? Are there parts of this transition that you need support for? Are there tools you would like to see to help you guide students through this transition (ex. FNMI specific budget worksheets, parent/student commitment contracts, etc.)?

As per previous feedback, we are also developing facilitator guides to provide ideas and activities for using Transitions materials.
Stay tuned for these new items! Please feel free to provide us with feedback, suggestions and ideas at any time!

Cynthia Winn
Transitions Coordinator/Researcher