Virtual Tours Team Bios

Daniella Robinson – Transitions Coordinator

With her academic background, work experience and research interests, Daniella Robinson has a diverse set of skills that she brings to her role as the Project Coordinator and Researcher for ONECA’s Virtual Tours project. Daniella is a Cree-Italian student who has been in post-secondary education for almost six years and knows how intimidating school can be, so she is excited to use her personal experiences to help guide other FNMI students on their academic journeys. 

Daniella completed a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Guelph, majoring in Adult Development and minoring in Sociology. She decided to attend U of G after she fell in love with the school during a campus tour, and was thrilled to find out that the school had an Aboriginal Resource Centre. During Daniella’s time at the school, ARC became a second home to her. She worked with the Aboriginal Resource Center as the Cultural Peer Helper and was the secretary of the Aboriginal Student Association, received her Aboriginal Affairs LEAD Certificate, and was the ARC representative on both the Peer Engagement Committee and the Banquet Planning Committee. With the support of the amazing staff and students at ARC, Daniella was inspired to continue her formal education further and keep working in support-focused roles.

She has recently completed a Masters of Education in Social Justice in Education in collaboration with Sexual Diversity Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. In this program, Daniella has been able both to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a sex therapist and continue her research on the challenges Indigenous peoples face in the Canadian context. She is eagerly anticipating her June 2016 convocation, where she will proudly wear her moccasins on the stage as she accepts her degree.

Jason Jenkins – Producer and Director

Just  like  the  diversity  in  his  life  Jason  Jenkins  (aka  DJ  Divinyl)  is  the  perfect  mix.  Of Ojibwa-African  and  French  heritage,  Jason’s  artistic  path  of  cultural  rediscovery  has seen him build 20 years of experience as a multi disciplinary artist. Growing up in the City of Roses, Windsor, Ontario, now based out of Toronto, Jason is the founder  and creative  producer of Going  on  Dreams an  Indigenous  Independent Production company that has carved a place in the city’s competitive arts, culture and entertainment industry in just 6 years. Recently  Jason  was  the  Producer  for  one  of  North  America’s  largest  multi cultural festivals  of  it’s  kind  and  that  was  the  Aboriginal  Pavilion,  held  in conjunction  with  the 2015 Pan Am Games at the National Historic Fort York where Jason was instrumental in the creative success that saw well over 80 First Nations Performers from across Indian Country.

As  a  director  and  producer  Jason  has  shot  music  videos  for  First  Nations  Hip  Hop artists; Relik, Classic Roots and Plex; breakdancing and B Boy videos for Jon “Drops” Reid and his dance programs with the City of Toronto and Manifesto Festival. Cultural exhibition  video  for  Spirit  Seeds  for  the  Peel  Art  Gallery  and  Museum,  a  short documentary for the National Museum of the American Indian with artist Maura Garcia, principal  stills  photographer  and  behind  the  scene  videographer  for  Empire  Of  Dirt produced by Jennifer Podemski as well as works with Aboriginal Non Profit agencies and cultural groups.

Jason’s artistic impact continues to grow and right now all of his attention is focused on his photography/videography work and building an arsenal of impact full images, using everyday  life  as  his  canvas  and  his  camera  as  his  paint.  Jason  is  proud  to  share  his story  with  his  community  and  anyone  who  wants  to  know  more  and truly  feels  his company’s mantra of Create a Good Day is something we all have the power of doing.