Video Resources

Our Video Resources are currently “on demand” which means that they have been previously recorded and users can instantly view them.  The Video Resources are focused on issues, resources, advice and teachings related to First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) student transitions (school, work, home). The Video Resources are very informative and involve the participation of many individuals from FNMI Education Counsellors, students, parents/guardians, other professionals and community members. Video Resources can range in length from 4 minutes to varying times (depending upon the topic). They are to be used for professional and educational purposes only.  You may also view on our YouTube Channel.

Post Secondary Virtual Tours


Transitions from Preschool to Elementary
Early Years Are the Key

Transition from Elementary to Secondary
Keeping Youth On The Good Path

Transition from Secondary to Post-Secondary
Tools for Success 

Success in Post-Secondary
Working Towards My Future

Transitioning to Work and/or Going Home
A New Path For Me

The following videos were part of the second phase of our Transitions project and focused on some of the Challenges facing FNMI students moving from remote or isolated communities into an urban environment.  Many thanks to all who participated.

Remote to Urban
Being Prepared


Remote to Urban
The Change and the Challenge

Remote to Urban
The Helping Hand-Counsellor Notes

Remote to Urban
The Helping Hand-Student Notes

Remote to Urban
The Importance of Education

Phase III
FNMI Transitions Overview Webinar

Webinar Chat Log