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Welcome health professionls. Here you will find information on cultural safety, cultural compentency and other resources to help serve First Nations in the health sector. 

Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada: Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet on issues in Aboriginal nursing.

Fact Sheet: Cultural Safety
Provides origins, background and key concepts on cultural safety.

Fact Sheet: Empathy, dignity, and respect: Creating cultural safety for Aboriginal people in urban health care
Gives definition, demographics and Aboriginal disparities.

Indigenous Cultural Competency Training Program
This website includes information about the Indigenous Cultural Competency (ICC) Online Training Program delivered by the Provincial Health Services Authority of British Columbia.

Improving Aboriginal Health- How can health care professionals contribute?
Health and well-being are not isolated but inexorably linked with all aspects of living. Within this large landscape, what contributing roles can health professionals play in promoting aboriginal health?

Non-Insured Health Benefits Flyer
Flyer for Health Professionals to find information on NIHB.

SOGC Members & Health-Care Professionals
The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) website section on Health Care Professionals – First Nation birth issues.

Working with Aboriginal Patients
This is a video series for health professionals working with Aboriginal patients. 

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