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Post Secondary Education

Welcome to our page that will host our communal resources of resources and materials for Post Secondary Education.

ONECA President Memo

ONECA PSE Fall Gathering 2022 - Nov 1-3, 2022


Conference Program

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Registration Form (PDF) (DOCX)

Ontario Student Assistance Program

Fact Sheet - Indigenous Travel Grant - Jan 27 2021 (PDF)

Fact Sheet - Grant Funding Only - Jan 27 2021 (PDF)

Fact Sheet - Grant to Loan Conversion - Jan 27 2021 (PDF)

Indigenous Fact Sheet - Indigenous self-ID 2020-21 EN(1) (PDF)

Professional Development Series

Building Resiliency by Laura Horton

Preparing Indigenous Students for Post-Secondary, Dr. Pamela Toulouse, May 4, 2020

Understanding Psychoeducational Assessments

Aboriginal Post-Secondary Information Program

Culture as a Source of Healing - Traditional Indigenous Approaches to Well-Being

ONECA UWO Presentation, Our Promise, the Work We Take Up

Feather Carriers: Leadership for Life Promotion (PDF)

Through the eyes of Indigenous women with international experience: Looking forward to a post-pandemic era and preparing for life success - Dec 9

  • Looking forward and planning ahead with International Experience Canada - Connecting you to a world of opportunities (PDF)

Remotivation - Turtle Concepts, Dec 3,4

Video - PD Session on Third Party Sponsorship - Nov 25, 2020 - Presentation (PPT)

Video - PD Session on OSAP - Nov 19, 2020 - Presentation (PDF)

Video - Zoom 101 with Dr. Pam Toulouse





Lifting Spirits

Mental Health and Healing

Safe and Caring Schools for Two Spirit Youth

Cultural Equity

The Individual Education Plan, A Resource Guide, Ministry of Education

Burnout – How to Recognize It and What to Do


Autism Ontario – Ontario Language Statement

Reflective Listening

Quick Facts, Ontario's Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy

Inclusive Workplace Guide, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

Trauma Informed Care Resource Guide, Crisis Prevention Institute

Systemic Racism

Human Rights Education in Ontario: A General Guide for Students, ARCH Disability Law Centre, January 2019

Shannen's Dream – Safe and Comfy Schools, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada

Bullying, We Can All Help Stop It, A Guide for Parents of Elementary and Secondary School Students, Ministry of Education, Ontario

Ombudsman Ontario - Education

Supporting Post-Secondary Students – Emergency Funding - ONECA Survey May 2022

Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Employment Standards in Ontario poster

Employment Standards Act

Employment Standards Amendment Act, Covid-19

Bill 174 and the Cannabis Act, 2017

Achieving Optimum Mental Health

From Lateral Violence to Lateral Kindness by the First Nations Health Authority

Jordan's Principle

Shared Solutions, A Guide to Preventing and Resolving Conflicts Regarding Programs and Services for Student with Special Education Needs by the Ministry of Education.

Racism in Our Schools: What to Know About It; How to Fight It

Racism and Ontario Schools

Education Law Ontario

Lateral Violence

Mental Health Supports ETFO

Privacy of Information


Effective Communication

Problem Solving

16 Mental Health Apps

Preventative Care

Intergenerational Trauma

Indigenous Leadership

Undiagnosed Disabilities

Duty to Report Abuse

Healthy Relationships for Success in Education

ONECA 2022 Roles and Responsibilities Survey Report

Templates for Writing Job Descriptions

Indigenous Education Contacts - Colleges

Mental Health - Sample Policies - For First Nations Communities (pdf)

Post-Secondary Students and Mental Health - Policy Guide - For First Nations Post-Secondary Student Support Personnel (pdf)

Handbook for First Nations Post-Secondary Student Support Personnel - For the Administration of the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (pdf) (Fillable Form - docx)

The Learning Portal - Indigenous Inclusion, College Libraries Ontario - Resources for integrating Indigenous history, perspectives, and culture into your lesson plans

First Nation Education Contacts (xlsx)

Learning Portal from College Libraries Ontario

Post Secondary Contacts (xlsx)

Post Secondary Virtual Tours


Wellness Card (PDF)


Maintaining Balance - Staying Connected to Land, Culture & Language

Indigenous Well-Being in Schools - Understanding, Promoting and Supporting Indigenous Learners - Final Report

Indigenous Well-Being in Schools - Web-Based Resource Guide

2019 Post Secondary Education Gathering


Absenteeism and Mental Health - Ann Seymour




Final Report:

Final Report


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