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The information, papers and articles are provided  for information purposes, and the contents and opinions expressed in the documents is not necessarily those of the Association unless they were produced and written by ONECA.

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Indigenous Well-Being - Maintaining Balance (Activities for Schools)

Indigenous Well-Being in Schools (Final Report)

Indigenous Well-Being Web-Based Resource Guide

Dating and Healthy Relationships - School Counsellors Tool Kit - 2018

Transitioning From Reserve School to Public Schools - Resource Guide - 2018

Wellness Card (PDF)

ONECA Reports/Articles

ONECA 2016 Report on Free Tuition and PSSSP


Aboriginal Student Transitions Project Report

Report by Lu Ann Hill-MacDonald

Web Resources Report

National Panel on First Nation Education

ONECA Response to the National Panel on First Nation Education

Walk In Our Moccasins: A Comprehensive Study of Aboriginal Education Counsellors in Ontario 2010


Research Documents

1969 White Paper

First Nation Community Profiles 2010

Indian Control Of Indian Education

No Higher Priority 2007

Roots of Equality Brochure-Ojibway


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