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Question:  Who is eligible to take the course?
Answer:    You must hold a valid OCT certificate to have your results uploaded to show your accreditation.

Question:  What if I am NOT a Guidance Counsellor Registered with OCT and want to take the course?
Answer:  You can still take the course but you will not receive a credit from OCT; you will receive a certificate of Professional Development from ONECA.

Question:  How do I register?
Answer:    You can register by clicking the following link course registration.

Question:  What do I put in the field that says OCT number?
Answer:  “999999” if you are not registered with OCT.

Question:  What is the cost of registration?
Answer:    The cost is $675.00 per course.

Question:  Are there any text books required?
Answer:    There are two texts required for Part I (text list not yet available for Part II):

  • Intentional Interviewing and Counselling, Facilitating Client Development in Multicultural Society 7th edition $175 includes shipping
  • Aboriginal People in Canada 9th edition $125

You can order your books at OSCA when you register.

Question:  What method will the course be delivered?
Answer:    The course will be delivered on-line virtual classroom is adobe connect.

Question:  How long are the courses?
Answer:    Each course is 125 hours.

Question:  When is the course?
Answer:    The next courses begin January 19, 2016.


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