FNMI French Curriculum Resources


My name is Mélanie Smits, I am a francophone Métis and am a new ONECA member. I work for the Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario as an Aboriginal Education Consultant since September 2012. Since Aboriginal Education is a priority for the Ontario Ministry of Education, it is imperative that Ontario’s 12 francophone catholic and public school boards in Ontario be supported via training, resources and initiatives. It is my own personal objective, and our board’s priority, that francophone FNMI students receive a quality education and are supported in their academic, social, cultural and spiritual growth.

I am so excited to be branched in to a great group of leaders in ONECA. I look forward to learning and sharing. What I seek is francophone or bilingual resources of any kind supporting Ontario curriculum. I believe Indigenous content could be infused in any subject matter!

Here is a list of some resources and websites I use. Please feel free to post if you have any to share as well!

•    Plans de leçon du jeu (AADNC)
•    Que sont les enfants devenus?
•    Déclaration sur les droits des peuples autochtones des Nations Unies
•    État de l’apprentissage chez les Autochtones au Canada : Une approche holistique de l’évaluation de la réussite (Conseil canadien sur l’apprentissage)
•    Loi sur les Indiens
•    Loi constitutionnelle de 1982
•    Mines – Travaillons ensemble (pièce jointe mines_autochtones)
•    Rapport de la Commission Royale sur les peuples autochtones
•    Traités (guide)
•    Traités et relations
•    Le point de vue historique des traités