What is ONECA?

ONECA is an organization comprised of First Nation Education Counsellors that was incorporated in 1985. The Ontario Native Education Counselling Association (ONECA) is founded upon principles that recognize that, although a variety of counselling and educational tools and programs exist in Ontario, the development of Native communities requires tools and programs designed specifically to improving Native Counselling and Education services.  Programs and Services Document (8MBs), ONECA Supports (5MBs)

What is the Vision?

ONECA is an organization of Native Education Counselling Professionals in Ontario which value and utilize its’ collective knowledge, wisdom & respect to strengthen the spirit of self for the well-being of others. To be as the creator meant us to be: “Soar like Eagles.”


What is the Purpose of the Association?

  • To promote Native People to aspire to meet their potential, through the on-going development and improvement of Native Counselling and Education services;
  • To provide a forum for discussion of problems relating to Native student counselling and Native education, in general;
  • To advance and promote Native student counselling services as a profession by encouraging high standards;
  • To promote professional development for individuals engaged in Native student counselling;
  • To liaise with international, national, regional and local counselling and educational institutions and/or associations;
  • To act as a resource distribution centre for program material pertinent to counselling Native students and to Native education, in general; and
  • To promote the immediate and long range goals and concerns of those involved in Native counselling services and Native educational programs.

What does ONECA do?

  • ONECA is linked to the 136 First Nations in Ontario through district representatives
  • Coordinate the Native Counsellor Training Program since 1977
  • Coordinate an Annual Native Education Counsellors Conference
  • Curriculum Development
  • Establish Articulation Agreements with Post Secondary Institutions
  • Establish a network of partners in Education
  • Coordination of Workshops and Training
  • Develop and distribute resources
  • Access information and resource materials for distribution
  • Professional development certificates
  • Scholarships $6000.00 per year
  • Promotion of First Nation Education
  • Essay Contest for Aboriginal Youth
  • Develop and distribute a Counsellor Directory
  • Maintain List Serve
  • Net working
  • Student Placement Opportunities
  • Distribute Post Secondary Information
  • Promote higher learning and literacy
  • Distribute community information
  • Advisors on several committees
  • Maintain ONECA website

Strategic 5 Year Plan (2023-2028)

 ONECA Strategic Plan Chart