2006 NCTP Graduates

The Native Counsellors Training Program has concluded for the 2006 year. The program was a great success with seven new graduates and four award winners.



Graduates in the group photo from left to right:

Elizabeth Potts , Phyllis Williams , Roberta Wesley , Hilarius Moose , Caroline Keesic-Rae and Patricia Osawamick

Jaqueline Pitawanakwat

Jacqueline Pitawanakwat-Howell

Not in group photo

Award information and winners:

Shirley Ashawasega Award

The Shirley Ashawasega Award is presented to one student in Part I, II & III who has exhibited the most outstanding achievement in their personal healing and academic development. The recipients are chosen by their fellow classmates. The winners, along with reasons why they were chosen are as follows:

Part I: Preston Turtle – Preston is always helping and he helps quietly without asking for any recognition. He has a good spirit.

Part II: Andrea Young – Andrea has been a positive Role Model to her children and her classmates in her continued determination to succeed. By Andrea displaying strength and encouragement she has given her fellow classmates support and direction. Her leadership has been an inspiration to all of us.

Part III: The Whole Class – “A dream we all had three years ago transformed into a Dream. That Dream is reality today.”

Anita Hill Memorial Sports Award

The Anita Hill Memorial Sports Award is awarded annually to recognize the person who displays humour and outstanding sportsmanship abilities as an NCTP community member. The recipient can be a student, teacher, staff or relative and is selected each year by the Part III Campus Counsellors, and the Native Counsellors Training Program.

This year’s winner is:

Fallon Poile (Part II) – “Fallon has returned this year demonstrating significant academic and personal growth. Fallon is like a star among us, and she continually shines with her innocence, pure spirit and good humor. She lights us all, no matter what obstacles she encounters, she continually displays good sportsmanship in her positive attitude and her strong will to not give up. She shows us that we can continue to grow and persevere whatever the challenge may be.”