2005 NCTP Graduates

The Native Counsellors Training Program has concluded for the 2005 year. The program was a great success with nine new graduates and four award winners





Shirley Ashawasega Award

This award is in honour of Shirley Ashawasega, a graduate of Part I of the NCTP in August 1994 who met with an untimely and tragic death in her community. This award is presented to one student in each of Parts I, II & III, chosen by their fellow classmates, who have exhibited the most outstanding achievement in their personal healing and academic development.

The Shirley Ashawasega Award has been presented to:

Clifford Tait (Part I)

Jackie Pitawanakwat-Howell (Part II)

Bernice Koosees (Part III)

Anita Hill Memorial Sports Award

This award is in honour of Anita “Neat” Hill, participant in Part I of the NCTP in August 1997, but died suddenly on February 15, 1998.Anita believed in her community, in healing and wellness, and her life was dedicated to helping and promoting wellness for her people. Through personal interactions, she deeply touched everyone with her wit, humour, warmth and caring nature.

This award will be presented to the NCTP community member (student, teacher, staff or relative), selected each year by the Part III Campus Counsellors, and the Native Counsellor’s Training to annually recognize the person who displays humour and outstanding sportsmanship abilities as an NCTP community member.

The Anita hill award has been presented to Peter Beaucage